a lIttle boy asked hIs mother 

:"why are u cryIng?"

:"because I'm a woman , " she told hIm.

:"I don't understand , " he saId.

hIs mama just hugged hIm and saId , 

:"and u never wIll."

later lIttle boy asked hIs father , 

:"why does mama seem to cry for no reason?"

:"all women cry for no reason , " 

was all hIs dad would say.

the lIttle boy grew up and became a man , stIll wonderIng why women cry.

fInally he put In a call to God ; 

and when God got on the phone , he asked , 

:"God , why do women cry so easIly?"

God saId , 

:"when I made women , she had to be specIal. I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weIght of the world ; yet , gentle enough to gIve comfort."

:"I gave her an Inner strength to endure chIldbIrth and the rejectIon that many tImes comes from her chIldren."

:"I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep goIng when everyone else gIve up , and take care of her famIly through sIckness and fatIgue wIthout complaInIng."

:"I gave her the sensItIvIty to love her chIldren under any and all cIrcumstances , even when nher chIld has hurt her very badly."

:"I gave her strength to carry her husband through hIs fault and fashIoned her from hIs rIb to protect hIs heart."

:"I gave her wIsdom to know that a good husband never hurts hIs wIfe , but sometImes tests her strengths and her resolve to stand besIde hIm unfalterIngly."

:"and fInally , I gave her a tear to shed. thIs is hers exclusIvely to use whenever it is needed."

:"u see , the beauty of a woman Is not In the clothes she wears , the fIgure that she carrIes , or the way she combs her haIr."

:"the beauty of a woman must be seen In her eyes , because that Is the doorway to her heart , the place where love resIdes."



thIs Is a prose I recently read 

although I don't know who's the author 

but I really love thIs 

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